Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Tournament - Leeds Royal Armouries Museum April 3-6, 2015

this Easter holiday a very interesting event will be taking place at the Royal Armouries Museum at Leeds, UK.
Namely,  a knightly tournament
Two  knights-reenactors from Poland will be participating in this serious championship event - pan  Jan Gradon and pan Jaroslaw 'Jarek' Struczynski

Facebook page of the Torournament
Blog devoted to the event, knights and horses (yes! )
Interview with Jan Gradoń on Jousting Life
Jarek Struczynski won 2013 Tournament of the Phoenix in California -  reported Jousting Life.
so if you near by perhaps visit and send me some pictures to share with the rest of us :)

many thanks to imci pan Jan Gradoń for letting me use the photoshowing himslef and imci pan Jarek.

                Wielkanoc tego roku w Leeds, UK to turniej rycerski  - od 3 do 6 kwietnia 2015. 
Dwóch Polakow, rycerzy szlachetnych a dzielnych,  będzie potykać się w szranakch turnieju Jej Królewskiej Mości Królowej Elżbiety II z plejadą rycerzy z reszty świata. 
                                          Życzę Waszmosciom powodzenia!! - 

                                                   Audaces Fortuna Iuvat. 


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Cool, nice pictures!

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For the 2015 Queen's Jubilee Horn Tournament, six jousters were invited to compete for the honour of holding the trophy and the title for the year. The jousters will compete in three teams of two:
Team England – Nicky Willis and Andy Deane;
Team Burgundy – Ben van Koert and Steve R. Gagnon;
Team Poland – Jan Gradon and Jarek Struczynski.