Thursday, March 5, 2015

Damage at the Mosul Museum - article

a week ago I wrote about the destruction of ancient antiques at the Mosul Museum and other museums in Iraq, and today I am attaching two articles by Christopher Jones on these barbaric acts:

Assessing the Damage at the Mosul Museum, Part 1: The Assyrian Artifacts

Assessing the Damage at the Mosul Museum, Part 2: The Sculptures from Hatra

great work by mr. Jones, especially considering the circumstance, but what a sad moment in our modern history.
Article on the Parthian Hatra, and more images of Hatrene art:

Art from Iraq - via US State Dept.
A review of a scholarly book on Hatra - Lucinda Dirven (ed.), Hatra. Politics, Culture and Religion between Parthia and Rome. Oriens et Occidens.
My heart is full of sorrow

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