Saturday, March 28, 2015

Biskupin - Bronze Age & Iron Age settlement

I have been working on some illustrations for a book on the Great Northern War, so it means less posting lately, but since this month I went to Poland and amongst others sites I visited the archaeological site of Biskupin, mostly famous for the Bronze Age/Iron Age settlement remains.
Biskupin complex from the air - a short film. another film - 80 years of archaeological excavations at Biskupin - a short documentary[Polish].
The weather was beautiful, this being still 2014/2015 winter, and we enjoyed ourselves, visiting also some historic animals gathered at the complex for research and enjoyment of their company.

I photographed some horse-related artifacts from the Museum located within this cultural complex.
a horse shoe

a bit


Wiki Commons has some galleries from Biskupin, so I just throw in some links
Biskupin site
Archaeological Museum
Polish cinema made very, very few movies related to our Medieval history, one of them was a film  based on Józef Kraszewski's novel - Stara Baśń - and some of the film was made at the Biskupin complex, in a reconstructed 'zagroda' (croft) of Wisz.
Every year there are numerous reenactment events and festival held at the complex.
Last year event archaeological festival-  20th Festival in Biskupin 2014 -  presented in a short film [in Polish]
Below some honey bee homes aka beehives

Now, it is very easy to visit other sites near by, like Gąsawa, where one of the most heinous crimes in our Piast medieval history took place,
Gniezno with its ancient cathedral complex , or visit Poznań, the city of Piasts. 



Dario T. W. said...

Interesting reconstruction of a Roman Cavalryman and his mount at a museum in Germany ( Limesmuseum in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg ) - via this French language article

Vavča said...

Hi Dario,

thank You for post. I know Biskupin site, but horse finds are new to me. Are they really from era B.C. ?

Dario T. W. said...

Salve Pavel,
thank you for tour comment!
you are right, the horse-related items in these photos are not from the Bronze Age or early Iron Age, these are later artifacts, mostly medieval. The museum displays are sectioned, showing finds from different eras and cultural horizons, from the earliest campsites and settlements to the Medieval period.