Sunday, January 9, 2022

Howard Terpning' amazing American horses

 Salvete Omnes,

I would like to share with you my admiration for the 'brush works' of one American artist - maestro Howard Terpning, who this year will celebrate his 95th birthday.
This gallery - The Fine Arts Publishing - has a very comprehensive page containing multi-level presentation of his art including fine prints of artworks, biography and interviews with maestro Terpning.

Gallery 601 has a page devoted to maestro and his brushes.

and many other out there on the net

I own two albums, and especially enjoy the old, 1992, Album - here how these books are standing on Amazon.

Nota bene maestro Terpning created some of the finest posters for Hollywood movies, including some of the great ones from the 1960s Hollywood - like The Warlord, Lawrence of Arabia, The Professionals, Ride the High Country, Guns of Navarone,  Cleopatra etc.

There are almost no 'libre' images/scans of Mr Terpning's multiple works that are horse-oriented, there is one on Wiki Commons from Greenwich Workshop.
You can view many, literally hundreds, on Pinterest, but I am not sure if these could be treated  a fair use under the copyright laws. So I am not going to link them here, also my search engine  bring hudnres of results in terms of fine images. 

I love copying his horses... be it in pen, pencil or mixmedia. 
another fine painter of this genre (Art of the West, Western Art) is sadly already deceased Frank McCarthy.

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