Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Suleiman the Magnificent in Jan Swart van Groningen's stylus

 Salvete Omnes,
a little 'orientalising' as it seems to me to be proper to show before Christmas since 2020 years ago the very Oriental Magi and their sumptuous caravan, following the Bethlehem Star, were in process of traveling to Palestine/Holy Land  in order bow to Baby Jesus at at shepherds' stable at Bethlehem. 

 Northern Renaissance  artist Jan Swart van Groningen is thought to have carved the plates showing the Ottoman emperor (sultan) Suleiman and some of his horse troopers  circa 1526 AD - these are some magnificent pieces of woodcut art, nota bene  so popular in the Holy Roman Empire at that time. 

hence the plates either  from Wiki Commons or  from Rijks Museum :
1. his imperial highness Suleiman the Magnificent

2. trumpeters 

3. three horse archers - Turks?

4. Mameluke horse

5. Arabian horse 

We should remember that there are period images that come from the Ottoman artists themselves, and also the Italian and other more eastern European artists as well.


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