Tuesday, December 1, 2020

War and hunt horses in Paolo Uccello paintings I

Salvete omnes,

November 2020 is over - and let us welcome the new month and at the same time the very last one of this sad 2020 - December.
Let us hope  it will be more joyful and healthier to us all than the previous seasons of the 2020.
As my favorite video bloger & lawyer Viva Frei says - we live in this 'mysharona cirrus'  world, time of power grabbing  perpetrated all over the Western world.
But Christmas is  the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. And it will come galloping at us pretty fast...


ad rem,

first a little remainder on the horse conformation  and artist proportions from the XIX century.

on  the subject of the great Medieval knightly horse - dextrarius -  let us turn to the artwork of XV century painter from  the beautiful Italian city of Florence, maestro Paolo di Dono nicknamed Uccello wiki/Paolo_Uccello  ,

 We can start with the Saint George and dragons paintings -  nota bene note these fabulous fantastic beastly dragons not dissimilar  to many monsters from the Witcher's saga by Sapkowski (too bad Netflix truly botched this production last year)



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