Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Turkenbeute from Karlsruhe

Salvete Omnes,
today a little entry -  Ottoman horse-related treasures to be found within the Federal Republic of Germany, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the city of Karlsruhe. 

 Imperial commanders (field marshals ) and Baden-Baden princes Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden-Baden(Turkenlouis)  - below dressed as a Ottoman warrior
participated at the battle of Vienna (AD 1683), victor of  Battle of Niš (AD1689) and Slankamen (AD 1691) where the grand visir Fazıl Mustafa Köprülü perished with his army;  prince Ludwig Wilhelm participated as sub-commander at the battle of Zenta ( AD1697) .
and his uncle Hermann von Baden
fought the Ottoman Turks during the war 1683-99. They brought many captured trophies from the battles  and this collection known as Der Turkenbeute constitutes the large part the fabulous art collections at the Karlsruhe Palace Musuem.
Schloss Rastatt , a nother of the Badenian palaces - build by and for Turkenlouis
Some of the images taken from Wiki Commons. - the exhibit and some of the Ottoman horse tack and weaponry, including the most fabulous carpets etc

 they also have many more saddles, including Polish XVII  c saddle, and lost of horse tack - like the woven Ottoman cinches and bridles etc.

 the very  palace-museum also contains some fabulous examples of the ancient art from Europe, Western Asia and North Africa . The medieval period is very well represented - eg great representation of Saint Martin.

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