Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Durer, chivalry, horses et al

Salvete Omnes,
I love works by Albrecht Durer, long time ago I used to spend days looking at his art, copied some and just enjoyed many books about his art. Studying at the university setting allowed for countless hours in the art collection at the campus library, and living in NYC give one constant access to wonder collections of the NYC Public Library, MET libraries or some other museum libraries.

Wiki Commons and other digital project allow us to enjoy and study these images in often amazing detail without going to a museum or library, thus we can get so close to the image that no paper publication or museum visit made possible.
From time to time I revisit Wiki Galleries, and more often than not there are newer,, larger or even completely surprising scans of works, including life works of Durer.

I would like to start looking at some details or the entirety of many a wonderful image  conjured by this south German maestro's  brush, knife and pen, representing the culture of the Late Medieval Europe, especially central Europe. Especially since he did plenty of chivalry-themed subjects, kings and horses etc.
 this is but a short little entry, so more to come I hope.

and I would not be myself I didn't try to bring forth some Polish themes
so here are Jagellonian dynasty  kings of the early XVI century - of Polish Kingdom and Hungarian Kingdom (Hungarian Realm was soon to collapse under the Ottoman assault) from a print devoted the apotheosis of Emperor Maximilian of the Holy Roman  :
Sigismund of Poland

Vladislaus of Hungary

Louis of Hungary




Unknown said...

Hi Dario, long time but when I read Durer,s name at once I get interest. Is there any prove that he took part in that woodcut apotheosis of Emperor Maximilian? Done in Norymberg but ...

Dario T. W. said...

hi Margo,
welcome back -:)
I am following what MET says on their pages devoted to these plates
here they also give the same source - Bartrum's work