Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jan III Sobieski in armor and with royal insignia

Salvete Omnes,
His Royal Majesty Jan III Sobieski is one of the msot popula persoanges gracing the pages of my blog.
Polish digital National Museum website has displayed  this painting (oil on canvas) by an unknown painter that is believed to be the portrait of our most Sarmatian king, dated to the last quarter of the XVII century.
I just want to point some details:
our Sarmata - mustache and special haircut

fabulous gilded plate armor, probably of the highest, pistol-proofed quality , unfortunately it did not survived the winds of history

Polish crown, one of many that survived until 1794, when in wake of the failed Kosciuszko Uprising Prussia took over the Royal Treasury in Krakow and most of heartland Poland, and it was Prussian king who had the Polish royal jewels destroyed and melted between 1797-1812 - to the eternal shame of the Prussian Crown and their German Empire scions
Above,  one of many equestrian portraits and portrayals of our good warrior and unhappy politician Jan III.  In the background there is battle,  Jan Sobieksi participated, at first as a solder and later as the commander-in-chief,  countless battles  and scrimmages.
Could he be mounted on a Polish horse - considering the unusual coloring of this mount.


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