Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hungarian horsemen circa AD1639 Johannes Ledentu

Salvete Omnes,
The Austrian National Library ( Österreichische Nationalbibliothek ) holds a number of drawings, in two bound volumes, by Johannes Ledentu (here a little biography of this master cartographer, considered a Hungarian and Croatian one at the same time) showing various fortresses, strongholds and castles of the Royal Hungary (part of the Kingdom of Hungary held by the Hamburgs), more precisely the Hungarian-Slavonian borderlands of AD 1639.
I first saw these amazingly detailed drawings via facebook and then finally in a large and very enjoyable size on the very Austrian Library website.

I corralled some of the horsemen from the drawings,I am especially interested in the marching army, including various carriage (Hungarian kosc included ) and wagons
  see the spare horses and lancers marching
and trumpeters for the lancer banner
 the circular array of horse banners and infantry

The drawings show great deal of the lance-welding Hungarian horsemen aka Hungarian hussars.

hunters with falcons
finally a grim reality of the time - capital punishment - by impalement

more in the next post

 some of the strongholds are subject to articles available on line - eg this one on the Sadtwar castle,[Hungarian language], or castle Mareck (Marchegg)

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