Sunday, September 9, 2018

Robert Lee and a Young Soldier

Salvete Omnes,
we still have some summer left -
sunny Texas used to display a beautiful sculpture in one of the Dallas' parks. Sculpted by one of the most talented American sculptors Alexander Phimister Proctor during the 1930s and unveiled by the US President (4 times ) Franklin D. Roosevelt stood for some 81 years in Dallas.
Beautiful horses and horsemanship rendered, would love to see Proctor's wax sketches and drawings done for the creation of this bronze monument.
It has been removed last year - Woe to Arts  in the US...

all about the sculpture & photograph

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Dario T. W. said...
This memorial depicts the famed general of the Confederacy, Robert Edward Lee, riding on his equally famous horse, Traveller. Behind them is another mounted Confederate figure. The memorial was revealed in 1936 at a ceremony conducted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt- a departure from the installation of most celebratory Confederate memorials that were dedicated by Southern proponents of the "Lost Cause." The President gave an address that was broadcasted across the nation by radio, in which he described General Lee as “a great leader of men... a great general” and “one of our greatest American of our greatest American gentlemen.” Although the memorial was dedicated to “the entire youth of the South to whom Lee became a great inspiration,” it is important to note that such a dedication to an individual known to torture his own slaves neglects the perspective of African Americans who compose a significant proportion of the Southern population.

The Real Meaning of the Robert E. Lee Statue

Removing the Confederate sculpture in Oak Lawn was necessary and overdue. But it reminds us of the power that art holds, for good and ill. (...)