Friday, April 27, 2018

Helena Schrader's Historical Fiction - a gateway to the ancient and medieval world

Salvete Omnes,
April is winding down fast, the lovely Primavera has  finally arrived to stay, so perhaps the time has come to do some work outside, weather permitting - :)

I have endorsed some writers of historical fiction on this blog - like Christian Cameron, Jacek Komuda or Harry Sidebottom, and I have already mentioned dr Helena Schrader.
Since 2015 I have been following her blogs etc  and I strongly urge you,  if you like historical fiction and learning about ancient and medieval history while surfing the net, to visit her sites and read some of the articles and fragments of her novels. I purchased all three of her novels on Balian of Ibelin and one titled St. Louis Knight, enjoyed them immensely
 Recently I have enjoyed the series titled Women in the Middle Ages (4 articles)   and Myths of the Middle Ages (6 articles), as well as the ones about the Crusader Kingdom and its society etc.
 I have not read any on Sparta and Leonidas but I will get to that part, God willing .
today dr Schrader published this entry- Physical Factors in Historical Fiction: Distance by Land - it is brief enough to occupy many a short-tempered reader of history, and very informative.

a kicking palfrey or a warhorse in training

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