Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Working Equitation

Salvete Omnes,
I just discovered this equestrian sport named Working Equitation- looking at some videos on Facebook showing Hungarian competitors. It looks like it is a mix of various horse riding traditions from Europe - Portuguese, Spanish doma vaquera, Camargue, Italian with admixture of American (from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and US) elements (and perhaps Australian as it is practiced in Australia).
It consists of four elements (videos explaining each step in the link)- Dressage Trail, Ease of Handling Trial, Speed Trail, Cow Trail (team only)
It promotes strong riding skills as in classical horsemanship of Xenophon, courage and what is more important a rather close and friendly partnership between a rider and a horse.
Some photos from Wiki

There is also a US chapter of this equestrian sport.
There is no Working Equitation in Polish Republic at this moment, at least to my knowledge.
all images are from Wikimedia Commons

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