Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pressburg - Witold Biernacki

Salvete Omnes,
nota bene there is a book coming soon and with my illustration on its cover - by Polish historian and writer Witold Biernacki titled  Pressburg 1620. Jesienna kampania ksiecia Gabora Bethlena. (PRessburg 1620, The Autumn Campaign of prince Gabor Bethlen -  from Infort Editions publishing house.
          This book, which I haven't read yet, is part of the Pola Bitew (Battlefields) series, and is devoted to the miltiary struggle of the Hungarian prince Gabor Bethlen against the Hapsburg Empire during the initial state of the 30 Years War.
Inside apart from the very interesting narrative of this campaign there are illustrations - 8 in number - by Mr. Gyozo Somogyi, Hungarian master illustrator (I wrote about his work already).
Mr. Somogyi and Zrinyi Publishing House from Budapest, Hungary kindly provided this set of illustrations showing Hungarian soldiers of the 30 Years War.
bookcover as shown on Wanax

my other set of illustrations  that were to appear along the new edition of Radek Sikora's Lubieszow 1577  has been missing in action. In fact it is the publisher - Wydawnictwo Erica - who has delayed or abandoned this publication, and it has been almost a year since it was supposed to go into print, which is really a pity since I think I painted a very nice set of illustrations  -  some 27 plates, with coats of arms and other goodies... c'est la vie.

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