Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pan Roman - breeder of Bask - pacem aeternam

I just learned that pan Roman Pankiewicz, one of the legendary managers and breeders of the post-1945 Polish Arabians in the communist Respublica, passed away in Poznan on December 6, 2016. He was 92 years young - pacem aeternam!

According to Polskie Araby pan Roman was buried yesterday  ..

In Poland pan Roman is and will remain famous for his work as a breeder of Polish Arabians and has joined the pantheon of national breeders like prince Sanguszkos, Krysztalowicz et al , in the rest of the world he was 'the hand of God' behind the breeding marvel or the most famous North American Arabian stallion and one of the most famous Arabian horse sires  *Bask ( Witraż – Bałałajka/Amurath Sahib ).

Interesting interview with pan Roman ''Nie ma przepisu na hodowlę'' - There is no recipe for horse breeding- in Polish .
Actually there, at the and of the interview, pan Roman states that: 'Niech się nie wydaje nikomu, że ma jakiś przepis na hodowlę. Nie ma nic takiego!' - Let nobody think that they have something of a recipe for breeding. Nothing like that exists.'

and then his own article on the Babolna Arabian mares  ''Klacze babolniańskie i ich wpływ na współczesną polską hodowlę'' - The Babolna Broodmares and their influence on the contemporary Polish horsebreeding- also in Polish.
Pan Roman was the author of 7 books, including - Polska hodowla koni czystej krwi arabskiej 1918-1939 (Polish Purebred Arabian Horse Breeding 1918-39).



Khutulan said...

Hello, I enjoy reading your emails and only just now discovered your blog. For most of my life I was an Arabian fan (and still do love them, although now I ride a Hanoverian) and see you are writing about Bask.
My 'barnlord'..the woman who owns the barn I board my horse at, claims to have worked with Gene LaCroix when he owned Bask.
She insists that Bask had a large white patch on his belly, which, back then, would have rendered him incapable of being (or having his get) registered in the ARHC. (the American Arabian Horse Registry.
Do you know if she is telling the truth, or merely being wrong?

On a side note, I leased an Arabian Gelding who was a grandson of Bask, and he was the spitting image of Bask.

If you would like to see a photo of him, I would be glad to attach if only I knew how. Or, you could go to my blog,
Thank you for your excellent blog and all of your most interesting historical photos, pictures and commentary!

Dario T. W. said...

Hi, thanks for posting!
very interesting story!
Unfortunately I have no knowledge about the patch on Bask's belly.
It may be a tall story, or perhaps a true one... cannot tell as you know
By the way, your leased gelding, it had a patch on its belly? - :) just joking
I will definitely visit your blog
many thanks and happy New Year