Thursday, February 18, 2016

A. Sidney Galtrey - Horses et Mules at War

Internet library Archive is as great as usual, and new and fascinating books can be found there.
One of such 'discoveries' , for me at least, is the following little volume titled: 'The Horse and the War ' (mules included - :) ) by a British Army officer and journalist Captain A. Sidney Galtrey and  illustrated from drawings by another soldier, Captain Lionel Edwards, with original photos. It was written in the autumn of 1918.
It tells the story of the light draft horse and mule and their participation on the side of the British military in the western European part of War World I. Also about how these hard working horses and mules were often saved by the veterinary service of the British Army... good short article here.

Transport across the sea

War conditions


horse de la Perche

all images are from the book


Unknown said...

I think that I could write in Polish, however the blog is English, actually no matter. The rich spectrum of materials you are showing appeal to me very much. I write a blog as well and just today have decided to say something about materials showing horses as source of historical knowledge. I think that your blog will be a treasure in this context.

Dario T. W. said...

Dzięki sliczne- thanks a lot! and do not be a stranger :)