Friday, September 18, 2015

day of shame 17.09.1939

yet another anniversary - always a shameful one - of the Soviet invasion of Poland, consequence of the secret pact Ribentrop-Molotov.
Wiki gallery here, a film on youtube. Russian film - 'liberation' of 'western Ukraine' and 'western Belarus.'
I wonder why there is no connection between this invasion and the following Holocaust and genocide of the Polish citizenry.

Polish government was taken completely aback by this invasion, and confused completely and utterly, never giving a clear and convincing order to oppose militarily the invasion, but only when acting in self-defence -  it reflects the failure of the post-Piłsudski leadership and statesmanship.
 General S. Timoshenko, ex-cavalryman who was part of the Budyony 1st Army, and the commander of the Ukrainian Front (army) issued the infamous proclamation to the Polish soldiers, amongst others calling for the Polish  soldiers to kill their officers etc. His invading army fought at battle of Szack, not being able to defeat the KOP ( Polish 'Border Patrol' Corps ) units.
Ancient city of Grodno was heroically defended by a combined force of ramshackle and badly armed collected units, boy scouts and civilians, and after 3 days of fighting, the Soviets executed many of the boys scouts and civilian defenders.
Royal city of Lwów was defended - 12-22,09.1939 - by the Poles, army and civilians, against the German troops, and when the Germans retreated to the west the city was surrendered to the advancing east Timoshenko's force.
Captured officers were marched east to be murdered in the Soviet camps - like Katyn Forest. Thousands of citizens were arrested and later on, during the Soviet retreat in 1941, these prisoners were massacred by the escaping NKVD troops.
Last large battle of Polish Campaign of 1939 took place at Kock, and was as much a fight against the Germans as against the Red Army moving from the east.
Soviet-German parade at Brest-Litovsk 1939.

Recollections of Antoni Fugiel, who was a young Polish officer during the September 1939 - amongst others recalls the fate of his fellow officer Mieczysław Klasa, murdered in Katyń Forest.

Nothing to enjoy I am afraid, but just to think a little perhaps.