Thursday, February 26, 2015

Historical art of Sergey I. Shamenkov

today is my pleasure to introduce to you another artist from Ukraine, who specializes in meticulous research into the military and material history of the subjects he paints and writes about - eg excellently researched article on the Swedish officers' uniforms during the Great Northern War, or antother one about the winged hussars armour of the Russian Imperial service. 

Sergey I. Shamenkov comes from from beautiful Odessa, on the Pontic cost of Ukraine, where ancient Greeks mingled with the nomadic Scythians and others some 2,700 years ago.

So Sergiey  graduated from the M.B. Grekov Odessa Art School, then Lviv National Academy of Arts, specialized in sculpture. Works in the genre of military miniature figurines, small-form sculpture, he is an author and illustrator of several military history books from the Kiev publishing house "Tempora".

Also, Sergey has been in the military history reenactment since 2001. He is a founder and director of   "Enchepingsky Infantry Regiment", "Hetman's musketeers." Member of military history clubs: Vic "Roman Vexiliatio of the province of Lower Moesia," "Legion of the OSS."

Research interests: civil and military costume of Ukrainian Cossacks, Russian Empire, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Sweden during XVI- XVIII centuries.

Sergey signs his work as Rogala, and apart from Ukrainian language, he is fluent in Russian,  Polish is his mother's tongue,  and he knows English - :)

Finally, Sergey has an active page on Facebook, so you can find him there if you choose so.

Gallery of some of Sergey's meticulously researched works, one day we will do an interview about his art, research, and art process.
Migration Period - Huns, Slavs, Goth warriors

XVI-XVII centuries - great research and spectacular results

Great Northern War


 all the images Sergey Shamenkov's copyright.

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