Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some links & sketches

so ends the month of July, and on this day falls the birthday of my favourite French actor Louis de Funes, whom I think I saw once riding an equid in his movies, it was a mule.
Well, wherever you are, happy birthday maitre Louis :)

Amongst my old sketches I finally took picture of the whole sketch I did some years back, it was an idea for a graphic story that never went anywhere.

Of course I am sketching the Persians
Saka nomad saddles of I millennium
added a few touches to this Turkish deli
some concept sketches of Slavic warriors & horses of the X and XI centuries
( the first one after a drawing done by a Polish artist Andrzej Klein, author of the fantastic drawings for the monumental work on the Grunwald battle 1410 titled 'Banderia Apud Grunwald')

the last sketch after a drawing by a Polish great story teller and artist Szymon Kobylinski
And finally several articles to read
by Bruno Overlaet - on Sassanian kingship via Naqsh-i-Rustam and Taq-i-Bostan/Taq-e-Bostan
Marek Jan Olbrycht - Parthian Military strategy at Wars Against Rome
Leonardo Gregoratti - on Palmyrenes and Arsacids (Parthia)
Marian Feldman - on chariots in the late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean and Near East.

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