Sunday, July 20, 2014

Grunwald 2014

in 2010 we celebrated the 600 anniversary of one the largest and most important battles of the Middle Ages - Grunwald AD 1410.
So this year it is already 604th anniversary of the Polish-Ruthenian victory (for the allied  Lithuanians under duke Alexander Vitold had been routed in the first part of the battle and returned to the battlefield only towards the end of the fight).
 Every year there is a grand reenactment of the battle at the very same battlefield, and it draws thousands of reenactors from Poland and other countries, and tens of thousands of spectators.

I found, via facebook, this great photographer and reenactor Miss Agnieszka Olbrycht, and she kindly allowed me to use some of her photos from lst weekend event in Poland.

Henryk Sienkiewicz, best known for his novel Quo Vadis, wrote a novel on the Great War 1409-11 titled ''Krzyżacy'' (''The Teutonic Knight'' or ''The Knights of the Cross''), so here we have an older translation by Basil Dahl (New York, 1900), via great internet library 
And this is our great maestro's description of the battle, with main, albeit fictional, characters Maćko (Matzko) & Zbyszko(Zbyshko)  z Bogdańca (Bogdanietz) . It is based in part on Jan Długosz's ''Annales,'' and obviously very artistic and somewhat fictitious but still great :)

on his site great French artist  Georges Ramaioli has several sketches from his series 'Les Scythes' (the Scythians) - :)

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