Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Altdorfer's stradiots & early hussars

today master historian  Jacques Le Goff passed on - Pacem Aeternam !

ad rem,  I am going to stay on the subject of the early hussars and/or stradioti in the art of  Northern Renaissance, with a particular look at some figures painted by the famous German artist Albrecht Altdorfer .
Our master painted several very interesting Balkan early hussars or stradioti in his St. Florian altarpieces. It is interesting to note that in the last detail from St. Florian altarpieces we see a stradioto armoured and carrying a mace,

''The Battle of Alexander at Issus,'' his grand scale battle painting, at Alte Pinakothek at Munich, offers are more images of the Balkan light horsemen, some very similar to the figures of light horsemen painted in the Orsza painting.

More about stradioti in the future

interesting:  bloging about stradiots, and stradiots in miniature figurines

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