Monday, March 31, 2014

White Eagle - Miechowita Chronica Polonorum

circling around the Orsza battle anniversary and the White Eagle emblem in Polish historical iconography I found a perfect example of the eagle emblem used during the reign of king Sigismund Jagiellon (Sigismund I the Old). The Jagiellonian Dysnaty reign is still considered the Golden Age of Poland, however, unlike in the United Kingod and the US [sic! - it is a bit funny, the Americans, with the majority being of  German ethnicity, go gaga over the British Renaissance history :) ]  during the late XX and this  XXI century there have not been any works of popular culture, be it film, novels, plays nor graphic stories/comics about the Golden Era of Polish culture.

The image, a detail of the woodcut, comes from the title page of the first printed history of Poland, written by father Maciej z Miechowa, doctor in medicina filosofia, historian, alchemist, writer and scholar at the Jagiellonian University in Cracovia (Kraków), printed in AD1519.
I coloured the image(with GIMP) in accordance with surviving heraldic eagle images of king Sigismund I.

Also, in the same work, there are images of all Polish kings and princes, including the legendary ones (until AD1506). And amongst these woodcuts there are several interesting depictions of early sabres and also costumes of Renaissance Poles.
A few examples (do pay close attention to the swords and the method of carrying them, these are sabres and langes messer):
legendary forefathers of Poles (Lech) and Czechs (Czech)
Mieszko I

et Venceslaus

..and another eagle from the inside the text, also interesting I hope.
There is one more image from the book, however I will reserve it for another time, as there are also riders and horses in it...


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