Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nolan's system for training cavalry horses (1862)

a while back I brought to your attention the works of Louis E.  Nolan.
In 1862 an American, Kenner Garrard (1828-1879), had a different version of Nolan's work published,  with new set of illustration plates(reflection US cavalry) and some more text, including Rarey's method of taming horses, and one on horse shoeing.
Mr Garrard was a Kentuckian by birth and a West Point graduate, who was a cavalry officer of the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment before the Civil War and fought the Amerindian raiders during the campaigns of the 1850s (almost died there bitten by a snake), and was part of the military command fighting the Kiowas and Comanches in Texas; then once the Civil War erupted he continued as a cavalry officer and commander in the Union Army, gloriously distinguished himself at Gettysburg and went on to lead various cavalry divisions, took part in the Atlanta campaign, amongst others being awarded for his gallantry on the filed of battle (Nashville 1864)
The text is available at
Below please find some of the 'American' plates


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