Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sketches - continued

Salve Amici Mei et kind visitors,
 more sketches-in-progress Great Eurasian Steppe - including Khalchayan and Huns (both Hephthalites and European Huns)



Philip said...

Great sketches!!!!
I love The Alan/Sarmatian with the axe.
Neck collars were widely used on the steppe,and so Sarmatians most probaply did use them too. Still not many artists dare to equip them with a collar. Great!!
Most drawings picture Sarmatians with only an armed shirt or sometimes with small upper leg defences. Even when in battle with an infantry army like the Romans, in which case the most vulnerable part of the horseman were his legs!! So it makes sense they wore long leg protectors as in this drawing. I wouldn't be surprised if they also wore some sort of protection for their shins.
The helmet is a puzzle to me. I haven't seen this type yet. Being a Sarmatian fan, all info on this helmet is very much welcome please. On which helmet is it based?
Hope you can answer my question.


Dario T. W. said...

hello Philip,
thank you for the commentary, always welcome.
I do hope to show more daring images in the future.
As per collar - well, Orlat plaques have warriors with neck collars, several kinds actually. Also some of the earliest collars are from Kazakhstan and I have seen warriors reconstructed wearing those collars.
The helmet is not finished - I think the final outlook will be more along the lines of the Khalchayan sculptures and reconstruction images.
More to follow, God willing :)