Monday, April 4, 2011

Tolstaya Mogila Kurgan - article and films

a quick entry today -
I want to share with you several finds from the Internet related to the famous pectoral from on of the Pontic steppe kurgans (barrows) - Tolstaya Mogila Kurgan (or the Tovsta Mohyla Barrow)

Great article on the subject with good images -
 Another take on the Pectoral
 An English language book to read related to this amazing piece of art, and the Scythian art in general,  is the work by a scholar named Esther Jacobson - The Art of the Scythians
MET article on the 'Scythian' excavations in Soviet Union, including the 1971 Tolstaya Mogila kurgan excavation.

Ukrainian language article on the Pectoral as the symbol of the  Scythian Mythology/religion
Films on youtube -
1. Пектораль - in Russian - history of discovery
2 in Ukrainian.
3. and short film on the Scythian imagery in gold relief -

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