Sunday, April 24, 2011

A couple of newer sketches

I have been playing with MyPaint a lot - and lately my favorite brushes have been Devaad4's watercolor set and Tanda's one, so please allow me to show you some of my sketches related to these brushes, all still in progress but for the dragoon officer.
A new sketch started yesterday - I think it will be a second half XVI century knight or hussar, yet to be determined :)

A dragoon officer based on sources from mid XVII century - thanks to Michal Kadrinazi and his fine blog, where the color version of  the sketch happily landed as illustration for his article on Polish-Lithuanian dragoon uniforms (more sketches will follow as this subject is ripe for plucking )

And another 'pan hussar' in making, his final appearance yet to be determined, including additional figure or figures.


Kadrinazi said...

Once again thanks for dragoon Dario!
That second hussar (at the bottom) looks very interesting.

Dario T. W. said...

Michal, my pleasure :)
I have got to finish him ...