Sunday, November 28, 2010

a sketch in progress - Lisowczyk

a sketch in progress - working over an old watercolor -  I am using GIMP and MyPaint

This time the subject is loosely based on the Lisowczyk - lisowczycy (plural) or Liswoski kozaks theme -
 Juliusz Kossak's Lisowczyk 
Kossak's lisowczyk2
Michalowsk Jezdziec Lisowczyk
  Brandt Pochod_Lisowczykow.jpg
Brandt Lisowczycy_przed_gospoda
  Brandt Lisowczycy Strzelanie z luku 
in the last painting please note the Moldavian border fortress of Khotin (Chocim) in the background  wiki/Khotyn  .
The Polish-Lithuanian  Commonwealth army is pictured in the foreground, the gathered banners and regiments and Cossacks are already getting a horsearchery show by the lisowczycy while the Polish forces have been preparing to fight to death at  this southwestern border of Commonwealth, being entrenched within their much fortified camps around the Khotyn fortress, they know the Ottoman Turkish army augmented by the Tatars would come soon, it is AD 1621.

I will post progress of this one too, later next month, I hope..

  interesting blog (in Polish)  by painter Jarek Glod who is copying/painting great Kossak and other masters' works and showing his own works' progress


Kadrinazi said...

Truth to be told I never understand why so many people are fascinated by 'Lisowczycy'? Maybe they looks nice on paintings/pictures but othere than that?


Dario T. W. said...

you probably so right - and if we look at our (Polish) popular literature/novels there plenty of titles like 'Lisowczyk', 'Lisowczycy,' yet zero '0' 'Husarze' 'Husaria' etc

Kadrinazi said...

Every one likes rogues? ;)