Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muscovite Reitar 1660s - update I

a bit of an update on my Muscovite Reitar started here muscovite-reitar-1660s

I added double reins and a curb-bit (Polish. munsztunk) on a horse, made horse's neck a bit longer;  on the officer - a longer beard (hope you like it better, Kadrinazi),  and then some other little equipment parts that make this soldier appear more 'historic'
pa ka


Kadrinazi said...

With beard he looks much better :)
About that red sash - it is something that I would rather connect with TYW-period Imperials, on which source did You based it here?


Samuel said...

Nice update - looks like the reitar got updated to a "bearded edition" after all:)
I have also noted the addition of a nasal-bar to his Szyszak.. what's the shiny-white "keylike" thingie fastened to the pistol-holster though?


Dario T. W. said...

thanks - you right looks better with a beard...
Sash is rather a guess, I have not seen period illustrations showing this arrangement for the Muscovite reitar cavalry, just some SOLDAT or ZEGHAUS reconstructions..
Samuel - thanks
the white-shiny 'keylike' device is going to be his wheellock carbine key, I need to add bullet pouch and powder flask

Kadrinazi said...

But I assume that he will be officer? Why then You want to equip him with carbine?

Dario T. W. said...

Radek sent me some comments by a Russian historian ( I have to ask whether I am allowed to post his name etc), and he states that carbines were sometimes used by the 1660s Muscovite reitars' officers, along with leather bandolier etc. Also, I will have to change his boots and his sword, and some other things - looks like update II will be coming shortly.
The red scarf/sash was associated with German officers and not native Russian reitars so I think this will have to go too...