Sunday, November 21, 2010

A horse -MyPaint-Gimp drawing

todays image came about when I was looking at the paintings of the Polish XIX century painter (and the XIX century Munich School of Polish painting  main persona) : Jozef Brandt, whose horses, from the Old noble Polish Ukraine, were splendid creatures  of  legend and reality, both at the same time :)
a nice display of 'mosci' Jozef Brandt's art -

This the effect of my 2 hour afternoon study in digital brushwork - Mypaint and Gimp PS, great open source software for Linux Ubuntu.


a little peek at the horse and military art on the Internet:
by chance I found this fine artwork of Spanish military history painter (uses acrylics and watercolor) Angel Garcia Pinto and his blog. I must say that Señor Pinto's blog is a splendid display of his gorgeous historical illustration - angelgpinto.blogspot

the next artist's brushwork is fantastic:  he hauls from Catalunia (province of Spain) and he is the most exceptional painter of horses and Spanish XIX century  military history - don Augusto Ferrer Dalmau  -

Another fine Spanish military art and horse painter Jose Ferre Clauzel           - jose ferre clauzel


darthbaby said...

Hi daresko, It's a small world... my liking for horses has given me a lot of surprises (in my spine basically)but I never thought hearing of you again...

By the way your self-portrait is... odd?

Dario T. W. said...

hmmm, and who may you be from 'our' past?
please write to me at dario966 at gmail