Friday, April 30, 2010

a little 'joke' on Olesko Chocim painting

Since they were posted  I have been immensely enjoying the great quality of the pictures taken by the hussars portal team   ( those of the Klushino and Chocim victories) drawing  ideas float around.
This morning, after some exercise in the park while walking my son's dog ;) ,  I had decided to play a little 'joke' and   I painted in a rather pensively looking  nobleman standing in front of the battle of  Chocim /Khotyn 1673 painting  with  future king Jan III Sobieski  - then grand hetman - looking on ( wikipedia  ) .

Our Polish-Lithuanian glory belongs to the past - as in a Latin saying  Sic transit gloria mundi - and our nobleman may be reflecting on it.
Hope this little 'desecration' of this artwork will not offend any traditionalists surfing out there  the world wide web :) .

I want to welcome two newest followers of my blog:  Julia and Michal-Kadrinazi, his blog is a marvel of sources, information and erudite analysis on the XVII century (17th )  warfare  (but it is in Polish only ).

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Kadrinazi said...

You're to kind for me Dario :) blog is just wee bit of writing done in spare time, based on my favourite period, that's all. It will be only in Polish, as I'm to lazy to write in two languages...