Monday, April 5, 2010

Wielkanoc alias Easter ... for caballeros and ladies alike


one does not live by making pictures and reading books alone, so today a bit about food. We, Polish people,  celebrate the most important  Christian holiday of Easter with much feasting, proceeded with eggs 'writing' - Pisanki-   to fulfill our more ancient and still alive pagan rituals of the beginning of life's new cycle.  Pisanki as seen here are similar with Pysanka of Ukraine, Croatian Pisanice etc, i.e., basically a very Slavic pagan  ancient custom.
Ad rem, food, and not just any food but holiday food,  is important during Easter.  This year my friend Valdi aka Waldemar asked me if i wanted to make some sausages with him. He had already  cured and smoked a beautiful, village style or country style, 3 pound ham for us, so I readily accepted his generous offer. We made, well actually I just helped with filling the natural intestine casing, some 15 pounds of good Polish 'white' (uncured) kielbasa (sausage).  After cooking this sausage I made  zur, a delicious sour soup that goes so well with sausage and vodka :) .Then I went to my other friend Ewcia who had made pork-liver-beef Pâté, by the tradition of the XVII century the most common Polish holiday food, always present on the nobility tables. I made some cheese out of kefir and adding 'kiszone ogórki' , organic carrots and  organic white cabbage, and plenty of organic boiled  eggs I achieved more traditional set of foodstuffs than ever before, closer to the tables of winged hussars and all 'szlachta.'  Thanks to Waldi and Ewcia, and my wife and son  of course.

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