Thursday, January 12, 2017

Short intro to the historic Polish Fencing

just a short post about the historic Polish Fencing

Silkfencing Team from Poland prepared quite comprehensive video presentation on the development of the Old Poland fencing techniques.
From the Ottoman to German & Italian ( Medieval and XVI-XVII centuries) techniques and equipment to the fully developed Polish winged hussar szabla (saber) and late one with furdament, and then that Polish saber influence on the rest of Europe - Austrian empire, Britain, Prussia, France etc

the film is subtitled in English, and it is not a bad translation - congrats to the Silkfencing Team.
Jurek Miklaszewski presenting..  more here.

Sebastian Heussler Fechtbuch here - many thanks to the people of the Wiktenauer HEMA Alliance Project! 
Michael  Hundt Fechtbuch here.


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