Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sassanian Rock Relief Khan Takhti

it has been a while since the last Persian posting, so when I saw a short article about this relief on Dr. Kaveh Farrokh's  site I decided to share it with you.
The relief in question is located in the Iranian province of Western Azerbaijan (ancient Urartu and Armenian Kingdom ), near Khantakhti in the Salmas county, and shows famous father and son team, namely Shahanshah Ardashir/Ardašir I and Shapur I/Šapur I, the rulers of the newly established Sassanian Persia.

This is not the first time they are shown together, famous rock relief of Firuzabad may be one example.
I am of the opinion that it is not a stretch of imagination  to say that the rulers are riding their trusted warhorses of the Nisaya/Nisean breed - famous horse breed of the Ancient Persia.

all images in Public Domain

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