Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Karol Tomczyk - ecuyer

I am going to bring to this blog the writings on the historic riding - skillfully  presented in very readable fashion by my friend Karol Tomczyk, modern ecuyer from Poland - we have been friends for close to 10 years ... I lent him my copy of the English translation of Dom Duarte book on horsemanship ..

The writings are in Polish, so I am afraid you, the kind reader unfamiliar with reading of the rather difficult Polish language, will have to use Google translate, which is quite all right these days - :)
I call Karol an ecuyer - a term that aptly describes Karol as a student of old schools of horsemanship - from Xenophon to the cavalry manuals of the early XX century - and the practitioner of riding with modern horses and also a reenactor, mostly in the Napoleonic era events, like Leipzig 2013 or Waterloo 2015.

Karol created his own channel on Youtube, but has not posted much lately

a short lecture on horsemanship [ 1 ]  - in Polish
 A series of videos (1 through  7) showing training with  Kalifa Gazal - shagya stallion (Wiki gallery here ).

images from this great medieval Ellesmere Chaucer manuscript

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