Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year Salve,

 Salve friends,
 having emerged from the gluttony of Holidays feasting into the quite warm January of this brand New Year 2013 I can state this blog will continue, although I was slow with writing the entries last year and most likely this trend will persist this year as well.

My fellow blogger Kadrinazi decided to dedicate himself to his new pursuits, i.e.,  book writing, thus quitting blogging for now, and   his readers  have lamented his decision to stop blogging writing their comments to his last post -   Kadrinazi . Well, as the Lakotas learned in 1876 - nothing lasts forever, but since this is all digital so  there is nothing that cannot be undone as long as Internet exists.

    I must add that I always find it irksome the idea that the each New Year starts during the winter gloomy months (for us, in the Northern Hemisphere). I much rather prefer the older tradition of starting the New Year in March, during the Spring Equinox, when the winter is finally over. Perhaps one day we, the Earthlings, will go back to the older tradition.

Until then I wish you all a healthy and productive 2013.

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