Friday, January 11, 2013

Wacław Pawliszak - painter of horses - I

 in the past I brought to your attention the paintings of Wacław Pawliszak, a genre painter whose life was prematurely terminated by Xavery Dunikowski.

Well, I found some more images by this talented artist and would like to share them with you all.
Winged hussar in rather more that full panoply but with a short lance and without pistols and koncerz standing guard, perhaps in the royal city of Lwow.
Three paintings showing Tatars
Review of Husaria banners before the king  and hetman , with our fortress Kamieniec Podolski in the background
Ottoman Turkish cavalry charge

                                                                  Return with a bride
Polish-Lithuanian king Zygmunt III Vasa
Polish-Lithuanian king Wladyslaw IV Vasa
Polish Lithuanian king Michal Korybut Wiśniowiecki, son of the famous kniaz (prince) Jarema Wisniowiecki
Polish-Lithuanian king Jan Kazimierz Vasa
Turkish cavalryman 

War Trumpets - Polish horsemen XVI-XVII century
.. Husaria

sketches after Dolla Bella famous drawings of Polish ambassador Lubomirski entry into Rome from 1630s


his last drawing of Warsaw firemen squad for ''Tygodnik Iliustrowany'' (the Weekly Illustrated'' published between 1859-1939) - from Warsaw, 1905

And a sort of eulogy written after his funeral, in Polish, with his photo in the center, published by Tygodnik Ilustrowany nr 28 on January 15, 1905.

  enjoy :)

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