Sunday, November 28, 2010

a sketch in progress - Lisowczyk

a sketch in progress - working over an old watercolor -  I am using GIMP and MyPaint

This time the subject is loosely based on the Lisowczyk theme -
 Juliusz Kossak's Lisowczyk 
Kossak's lisowczyk2
Michalowsk Jezdziec Lisowczyk
  Brandt Pochod_Lisowczykow.jpg
Brandt Lisowczycy_przed_gospoda
  Brandt Lisowczycy Strzelanie z luku 
in the last painting please note the Moldavian border fortress of Khotin (Chocim) in the background  wiki/Khotyn with the Polish-Lithuanian  Commonwealth army in a foreground,  already getting a show by the lisowczyks while gathering  to defend in a fortified camp against  the Ottoman Turkish invaders AD 1621

I will post progress of this one too, later next month, I hope..

  interesting blog (in Polish)  by painter Jarek Glod who is copying/painting great Kossak and other masters' works and showing his own works' progress


Kadrinazi said...

Truth to be told I never understand why so many people are fascinated by 'Lisowczycy'? Maybe they looks nice on paintings/pictures but othere than that?


Dario T. W. said...

you probably so right - and if we look at our (Polish) popular literature/novels there plenty of titles like 'Lisowczyk', 'Lisowczycy,' yet zero '0' 'Husarze' 'Husaria' etc

Kadrinazi said...

Every one likes rogues? ;)