Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Joseph Parrocel et al - French Ladies on horseback

Salvete Omnes,
1st post this very first day of October. Let us hope for a good month, although our world is in turmoil and will grow more so, I think.
via Wiki Commons, we can enjoy the exquisite equestrian paintings of the French XVII century painter - Joseph Parrocel.
 The already known to us Swedish Skokloster Castle contains in their collection the series of 6 XVII century equestrian paintings  - as wiki Commons states:

[...] all depicting 
Ladies of the French high court on horseback with similar landscape views in the 
background painted for Louis Marie Victoire, Duc d´Aumont. 
The paintings were given as a gift to or bought by the Swedish ambassador 
Count Nils Bielke during his stay in Paris 1679-82. 
The series were later transferred from Bielkes castle at Salsta 
to Skokloster Castle in 1756. All six paintings bear the 
inscription Pour Monseigr Le Duc Daumont on the back of the canvas.

 . Francoise Madeleine Claude Madame La Comtesse de Saint Geran,  born de Warignes
 Francoise-Angeligue de la Motte d´Houdancourt (daughter of Duke of Cardona)
 Anne de Souvree, marquise de Louvois, wife to the minister of war of Louis XIV


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