Friday, October 25, 2019

Headless Horseman ... of Texas

Salvete Omnes,
perhaps some pop culture today: 
this year's Halloween is very close and I just remembered the old Soviet 'western' film - The Headless Horseman - I had watched as a kid (in Polish).

at that time  and for a long time afterwards I had not known that the movie was based on the adventure novel by a well-known hero  of the Mexican War Thomas Mayne Reid -  published in England in 1865 (the 1869 edition here).

LibriVox has the book in audiobook form.
Frank Dobie'a Legends of Texas (1924) has another tale of a headless horseman titled The Headless Squatter told by John R. Craddock.

some of the Headless Horseman 1869 edition illustrations:



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