Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Joos de Momper - Polish horsemen?

Salvete Omnes,
summer in its last month, so keeping it light - let me introduce to this blog a new painter  from the Flemish lands under the Spanish Crown:  Joos de Momper.

Well, we will start with the following image, there is painting of his titled  winter landscape with soldiers looting the village. It had to be painted sometime during the period of the 30 Years war, perhaps during the 1620s  ?

and someone posted the detail from the canvas showing two soldiers armed with lances and sabres. They could be Polish Lisowski cavalrymen in the Imperial service.   

 Perhaps someone from  the Neuburg an der Donau's museum could have some info on this painting.
With the wiki commons gallery I think we will  revisit more of the  maestro Momper's works  in the future.

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