Monday, September 12, 2016

BLM voted to kill off our mustangs in their 'holding pens'

Salvete os,
the not so far away XX century was a difficult one to the wild horses and burros in America, but under the administration of the present US president the XXI century has been even worse.
I am keen to see more dialogue and discourse on the American wild horse and its future on the public lands out West. Like such articles - from High Country. Even The Washington Post chipped in.  But with the blessing of the BLM and other federal officials the stock ranching and energy resources extraction interest groups are on the offensive - eg in New Mexico.
In this environment quite explosive and incurious to the federally protected wild horses and burros I just read on the page of the Cloud Foundation that the BLM Advisory Board voted to kill some 45,000 mustangs and  burros held at the present in their short and long term holding facilities. Here they give some more details. Even the India Times wrote about this.

Does this mean the end of these equids and thus awfully sad news for the horse country and the history of the American wild horse.

Write you senator and congress representative...

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