Friday, September 23, 2016

Art militaire à cheval - Wallhausen


Johann Jacobi von Wallhausen comes from a long line of the German countries military arts practitioners and theoreticians who wrote 'fechbuchen' or books on fighting and personal combat.
Von Wallhausen was a renowned military theorist and soldier of his day, his works were studied and pondered, and obviously translated in various European languages (almost immediately into French upon publication), among  his many employments he worked as the Capitan of the Guard and a Captain for the Royal City of Gdansk, in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, where he must have learned a thing or two about lancers.
 He eventually was invited to work as a director and teacher at the military academy established by Johann VII, Count of Nassau-Siegen circa 1617. Yet he did not last there for long.
He wrote 11 military books between 1615-1621, and amongst them The Art of Cavalry  (or the Art of War on Horseback) - full title bellow in French*
More about messer Johann von Wallhausen and his treatises can be read at the masterful  work by prof. Sidney Anglo titled ''The Renaissance Martial Arts of Europe.''
David Lawrence in The Complete Soldier states that the works of von Wallahusen were studied by the Stuart English military theorists  like John Cruso shortly after their publication on the continent.

some plates from his work* pertaining to lancer and his weapons and equipment

Gallica - Art militaire à cheval . Instruction des principes et fondements de la cavallerie, et de ses quatre espèces, ascavoir lances, corrasses, arquebus et drageons, avec tout ce qui est de leur charge et exercice, avec quelques nouvelles inventions de batailles ordonnées de cavallerie et démonstrations de la nécessité, utilité et excellence de l'art militaire sur toutes aultres arts et sciences, experimenté, descript... par Jean Jaques de Wallhausen (1616)

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