Sunday, March 23, 2014

Philippe Delaby - pacem aeternam

I do enjoy graphic novels, especially Franco-Belgian books, created by the some of the most talented and creative graphic story tellers in the world.

I do have a sizeable collection of Bande Dessinee albums ( and Spanish and Italian too ), and some albums devoted to the individual artists.
I learned that the great master of historical and fantasy BD Philippe Delaby passed away January 28, 2014.
 Pilippe Xavier, another BD artist - strongly admire his work, his mastery evidenced in the series ''Croisade,' created a tribute to Mr Delaby, also many BD sites have information on this excellent artist, eg Bedetheque .

I have all the albums of the acclaimed series 'Murena,'  one-shot ''Bran - Légende née des tourbillons des vents du Nord,''  and all albums of ''Complainte des landes perdues'' (first 4 albums drawn by fantastic artist and creator of 'Thorgal' Grzegorz Rosiński) and some of L’Étoile polaire
The images here are from the series 'Murena'  that takes place in the ancient Rome during the end of reign of emperor Claudius and his scessor emperor Nero, and there is a bit more about the series here
I am going to miss Mr Delaby's excellent work...

Pacem Aeternam maestro!

I do not own any rights to these images of Mr. Delaby

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