Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ill-Made Knight - interview with Christian Cameron

as you know I have already expressed my admiration for the historical fiction written by novelist Christian Cameron. Just found another opportunity to share with you my admiration - via podcast.

 In this podcast we can listen to Christian being interviewed by Chivalry Today - on the subject of his book 'Ill-Made Knight' (featuring an English knight William Good), writing fiction, chivalry, reenactment, combat  historicity, George Washington, violence etc.

Another interview with Christian - fantasy book critic blog

''Ill-Made Knight'' has been reviewed on many websites -  eg  on historical novel society  or   Amazon review - and its page on goodreads.

Christian's page where one can come, log-in and discuss history, writing and his books -

Finally, I love the fact that our European Medieval traditions are making a come back in our technology driven Western societies - from martial arts, crafts like armour making, saddlery through music, heraldry, calligraphy and the high art of tailoring.
 From Australia and New Zealand, through the Americas to Europe we can find not only arm-chair historians  but mostly lay people researching the sources and practising the Medieval arts and becoming bloody :)  great at it.


Pan Jacek listed his horses on his blog, with nice photos, I touched them and they touched me back and smelled me last week ( I did not ride any ot them, came too late in the day and thus chose conversation and just hanging out with horses and owners over riding), even the free grazing stallion and not skittish colts and filly - what a great bunch - would love to own an Akhal-Teke and ride it across the Great Plains, perhaps one day :)

Below, a drawing of a Silesian Piast duke Bolko (Bolesław) II ziębicki and his wife Guta (Juta) from their tomb effigy at the monastery of Henryków,

famous for the Book of Henryków, Latin manuscript that contains the first known written sentence in Polish language

the last two images come from Wikipedia

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