Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knightly Tournament - Royal Castle of Łęczyca

 last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the XV Knightly Tournament at the Łęczyca Royal Castle -  Wikipedia has a gallery. I was a spectator and enjoyed it quite a bit, along with my family. Łęczyca is a very ancient and rich in history town in  Central Poland, on the banks of Bzura River.

A reconstruction of a early gród/gord/ - stronghold of X - XI century, from the museum in the Royal Castle.

Some horse related items from the castle museum found nearby by various archaeological excavations, including some from Lutomiersk (the saddle in the drawing).

Tournament took place inside the castle, within its courtyard, a rather limited space for the spectators' but it was fun nevertheless. The banners show Polish coat of arms, Sulima on the right is the coat of arms of Zawisza Czarny of Garbow (today Stary Garbow), the most famous Polish XV century knigh, and actually the most famous Polish knight ever. 

Hussites , their war wagon, and XV century infantry

Knights - the knight in yellow and black reenacts Zawisza Czarny of Garbow

Archers, one archer had the Master bowyer Adam Karpowicz's Turkish bow - a beauty


More images of the tournament etc - here 

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