Friday, September 30, 2011

Al Faris - horse archery video tournament from Jordan

 I just found this great video from 2011 horse archery tournament in Jordan.
 I applaud wholeheartedly this type of competition were men, women and horses compete in this traditional art of archery from horseback, the art I also try to practice, albeit on foot still (with my Korean Samick 55 pounds bow and carbon and wooden arrows).
al faris
 Note that the competitors ride Arabian horses, fast, agile and beuatiful like a dream

Ramon Miranda gave a us a glimpse of the new GIMP 2.8 on his website - it is looking great -  GIMP 2.8 preview

 and the attached image of a Polish horse archer of XVI century comes from a book, Radosław Sikora, Lubieszów 17 IV 1577, Zabrze: Wydawnictwo Inforteditions, 2005,  I illustrated on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth civil war fought at the beginning of the Stefan Batory's reign, describing  the king's forces smashing victory at Lubieszów (today's Lubiszewo Tczewskie)

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