Monday, August 8, 2011

Louise Firouz interview via youtube

I would like to share with you  this video of the interview with one of the most important horsewomen of XX century - American-Iranian Louise Firouz, unfortunately deceased since 2008, well, here there is the wikipedia entry

In this interview she discussed her  Turkoman horses , while she was known the most for the rediscovery of the Caspian horse, the most likely ancestor of the Arabian horse (DNA studies by Dr. Gus Cochran of the Kentucky University prove the link). Another video here
“The discovery of the Caspian, a breed of great antiquity, was a matter of the greatest scientific and historical importance in equine studies,” said Elwyn Hartley Edwards in her 1994 edition of The Encyclopedia of the Horse.

I have Ms. Firouz fine article on the Caspian Horse to which I may return one day in my meandering through the Persian history...

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