Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polish hussar sketch III

this is the last one today - progress on some old sketch of mine that needs finishing.

I decided to dress him in more appropriate XVI century Western armor, with a shorter an wider sabre, but with a 'shishak' helmet as shown many late XVI century Polish funerary relieves in some Polish churches  eg. at Oliwa Cathedral shown in this photo hussars at Oliwa . I may put his wildcat skin over the horse, I am not sure yet.

He was mostly painted with MyPaint and some Gimp resizing etc. More finished sketch will follow soon, I hope.

I am also planing to show several Hungarian hussars of the same period, with armor and weapons, Slovakian and Hungarian photos of funeral effigies provided to me by Samuel :)

Meantime, have been looking at this one XIV century Seldjuk  manuscript showing mounted warfare (got it form various Dr. David Nicolle books and articles) and various weapons, some related to the Polish hussars - :) (by the way some passionate person does wonderful reenactment of a Seldjuk warrior  here Seldjuk reenactment  )

Finally I just got from my new friendly library, interlibrary loan, a book by  Dr Colin Taylor titled Sun'ka Wakan, Sacred Horses of the Plains: Ethos and Regalia. - glimpsed at the content and illustrations - wonders, my fellow net travelers, wonders in there!
I have got to fly across the frozen USA this weekend, hope all will work at the airports
 I bought ArtRage Studio Pro as suggested by Jan, we shall see if it works well for me :)


Jan said...

You bought AR? Have you tried if the demo works on Your Linux?
I'd hate to have suggested something not worth buying. :(

(although it'd be excellent if You liked it. :))

Dario T. W. said...

I forgot to mention that I also have IMac 27" core5 coming - Santa's surprise :) , so ArtRage and Autodesk pro, and Painter will be me friend this coming year.

Samuel said...

Beautiful hussar Dario!

Many thanks for posting your creation :) - can't wait to see the final version. I also hope that the pics of Hungarian Hussars will serve you well..