Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Polish hussar sketch II

this work is really a reworking of a late XVII century image from a painting showing election (Polish-Lithuanian nobles elected their kings Free_election   ). I do not have a large copy of the painting (shown here in this book cover 3277  ) so I decided to 're-create' this late XVII century hussar, amongst other sources using this early XVIII century painting Kalisz1706.jpg  showing Polish-Russian victory over the Polish-Saxon forces during the Great Northern War Great_Northern_War  at the ancient city of Kalish (Roman Calisia).
Progress will happen after the holidays (Christmas and New Year etc ).

would like to welcome new follower of my blog and comment on the fine work my internet friend and follower of my blog Michal/Kadrinazi is doing on his own blog!!! Michal has  got me going on on the subject of falconry, and some talk on this pages should follow... ojala!


Kadrinazi said...

Wow, we have invasion of husaria today, very nice thing that You try to cover whole period of husaria's existence - after all each picture shows soldiers from different century!
Waiting for falconry text, glad that my wee writing on blog is interesting to You and give You idea for Your own posts :)


Dario T. W. said...

thank you Michal.
I have the pictures, but got to write something interesting though