Friday, December 4, 2009

Hussar officer - Imci Pan Porucznik

let me return  for a little moment to the Polish-Lithuanian Respublica of the 17th century with this little sketch of a Husaria officer.
I hope to 'paint' it digitally some time soon.  Meantime he will be riding this blog in black and white. Please note that in a Turkish fashion (or perhaps more ancient - Macedonian and Scythian) his horse has a leopard skin spread underneath his eastern (Turkish-Tatar) saddle. His Hungarian style boots are placed in the Polish (of Tatar origin) stirrups and he guides his horse with an aid of the heavy German-style 'munsztuk' (Polish for 'curb-bit'), as advised by the famous Polish-Lithuanian author,  aristocrat, and winged hussar himself Krzysztof M. Dorohostayski (Dorohostajski or Дорогостайски) , of Leliwa coat of arms, a great rider himself, participant of many wars, eg war with Ivan the Terrible, war with Sweden where he distinguished himself as a cavalry commander under the command of grand hetman Krzysztof Radziwiłł Piorun at the victorious  battle of Kokenhausen (Koknese) June 23, 1601...
He is the author of this worthy Polish language treatise on horsemanship titled  'Hippica' , published many times during the 17th century in the Commonwealth, now accessible on google books - thanks google :)
for your enjoyment I hope ...
pa ka [Valete]

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